We all know that one of the most ideal and most common preliminaries is massage as it is a simple way of caring to get closer to your partner or even to make a start. A little oil that will be spread on the skin, a little touching, a little rubbing, a few sighs of pleasure and enjoyment will not be long in coming and much further contact. But what would you say if a device could offer complete relaxation and intense orgasms at the same time? Yes, you got it, we're talking about wand massagers, the device that has driven the entire female population crazy. But what are the famous wand massagers?

The History

These miraculous sex toys have spread even more in the last about 10 years, mainly through sex videos, but few knew that the first wand massager appeared much earlier and specifically in 1968. Do not find it at all strange, this device exists in the global industry for over 50 years and most women right now wonder how they had not discovered it earlier and let so many orgasms go to waste! However, its original release was not intended as a sex toy but for exactly what its name implies and so for almost two years it was sold exclusively as a massage device with instructions suggesting its use on the neck, back and legs. (Oh even if they knew ...)! As the years go by as is usually the case with most products, their appearance changes, evolves and takes care to be renewed both for aesthetic reasons and for the maximum possible enjoyment. Yes, an extra intensity will definitely make a difference, but the color will not make a difference in terms of enjoyment, it will just give a ... more multicolor to our collection!

Its appearance on the small and large screen

The first "public" appearance of the magic wand as a sex toy on the big screen was in the movie Bachelor Party in 1984 with the characteristic scene of the two workers and the even more characteristic attack "Is there an empty socket in here?". Of course, they did not need the socket to charge a cell phone but to connect the wand that would give them the coveted orgasm and therefore the audience who watched the scene with bated breath. This, however, was not the only time we met this particular sex toy in a movie or TV scene. The definition of the sex screen maniac could not be other than Samantha of the beloved Sex & The City and she was the lady who introduced the wand massager to the general public as a sex toy. It was in 2002 in the 5th season of the series when Samantha visited the store from which she had purchased the device and wanted to replace it. The disagreement between her and the seller over whether it was a massage device or an advanced vibrator made the women want to buy it like crazy and the shelves of the sex shops emptied one after the other.

In recent years the sex videos starring the famous wand massagers are really countless and somehow one fell into my hands. I confess that I did not have much appreciation until I tried it. And somewhere here I will confess my first contact with this miraculous stick. As soon as I turned the ON button the first move I made was to touch it to my neck and I really felt a numbness all over my head and a shiver flooding me. Yes, it was certain, it would be miraculous in ... other places!

Many women wonder what different a wand massager can offer compared to a simple vibrator. Believe me a lot! The flagship of the vibrators is not considered accidental, nor was it simply described as a "Cadillac". Wand massagers have a fanatical audience and are one of the few sex toys that have their own fan club. If we could classify wand massagers (because they are a category in themselves) they would be in the clitoral vibrators. There are many women who state that with such a magic wand they developed the technique of masturbation and reached the absolute orgasm without even removing their clothes or even squirting.

So the magic wand is exactly what its name says. A magic wand that you will find in countless versions. In different colors, sizes, with smooth or quilted heads, wireless or wired and because as we said the evolution of a product is always important, wand massagers now have more than 10 different vibration intensities, but also vibration patterns so that no woman ever complains . If you have not tried it, we highly recommend it. It is no coincidence that those who have tried it stubbornly refuse to leave it.

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