There are countless articles out there that refer to zodiac signs and based on their characteristics, the corresponding combinations in colors, perfumes, clothes, food, type of holidays and a lot of innumerable combinations are given. The team of MegaSexShop decided to take the zodiac combinations to another level and to suggest the appropriate sex toy for each zodiac sign, always being based on the main characteristics of each one. But do not rush to look exclusively at your own zodiac sign because, do not forget that a sex toy is always an ideal kinky gift that can take your sex life to ... red!


Aries is one of the most extreme signs and gets bored very easily. He especially appreciates the ... trips outside the bedroom and he is excited about the forbidden. He will almost never look for romance and excitement in sex as he is famous for his kinky and ... violent fantasies. He has no taboos, hates stereotypes and loves dirty talk. In short, the definition of BDSM. Suitable sex toy: A tying rope is the toy that will reach the heights of its libido and as far as tying is concerned, do not worry ... its specialty!


Taurus is the quality of the zodiac. Intensely emotional and not at all bold. He prefers the ... traditional way and tenderness. He is from the old school and sex with him will definitely be a marathon as he especially loves the preliminaries starting from a relaxing massage with oils and sensual kisses on the neck. It has a particular weakness in smells, so make sure you fill the room with scented candles. Suitable sex toy: This sensual set that includes an aromatic and edible massage oil and a feather to give the tender Taurus the ultimate feeling of softness he dreams of.


Gemini is the definition of communication. He can be irritated by a voice just for that and he loves phone sex. He considers sex a way of communication and is one of the most important things he will look at his relationship. A mediocre bed for Gemini is a major cause of separation. You will never get bored with him as he loves new experiences and experimentation, so do not hesitate to suggest him to add a ... third person to your bedroom. Suitable sex toy: A kinky board game that will reveal all its fetishes and will leave room for him to have a ... party on your body.


Cancer is the sensitive and romantic of the zodiac. He does not have sex overnight as he can not function without emotion, however passion is his stimulant. She loves comfort and textures that exude softness and tenderness. As a true water sign, he loves sex in the sea, in the pool, in the bath and wherever he can enjoy the water element. Suitable sex toy: This bath bomb in the shape of a heart will make the emotional Cancer fall in love with you as apart from the wonderful strawberry aroma that has just been thrown into the water, a small surprise appears and it is none other than a bulletproof water vibrator ... water toys we used to say ...


Lion means luxury. He is the king of the jungle and he wants you to remind him constantly, making him feel that he is always the center of your attention. Sex with a lion can last for hours as he always wants to satisfy his partner without leaving room for ... shortcomings. He always wants to have the upper hand and thanks him for giving multiple orgasms. She has a loud voice and is looking for a partner who will make her / him ... hoarse. Suitable sex toy: A luxury dildo like this is the toy that a lion will love as it stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time, which means loud orgasms.


Virgo is the puritan of the zodiac and the most shy. It will be difficult for him to unfold his fetishes and fantasies as he demands stability and absolute trust. He loves mind games since it works with logic and not with emotion. Its main feature is organization, order and meticulousness. He hates experimentation and will hardly leave the comfort of his bedroom. Suitable sex toy: A classic vibrator is the right gift as it insists on tradition and its motto could be "the new is nice but the old is different".


Libra is the sign that will first look at his partner and then him. He will let you have the upper hand as he wants to be sure that you enjoy sex with him to the fullest. He hates anything vulgar, while his top preferences are talking during sex. His fantasies are mainly about outdoor spaces while he loves to obey orders. As if to say the ideal sub (submissive). Suitable sex toy: An immobilization bar that will take power games to ... another level.


Scorpio is the definition of passion and is usually referred to as the king of sex. He hates routine and anything monotonous. His fantasies are inexhaustible and he will never stop surprising you with his ideas. He is possessive and requires absolute devotion. He loves anything kinky and ... dirty that will use his wild instincts. Scorpio is the one who will manage to reveal even his most hidden fantasies to his partner. Suitable sex toy: A leather whip in red color of passion is the gift that will make Scorpio fall in love with you.


Sagittarius means adventure on all levels. Take a Sagittarius out of the house and there you will see his true face. She loves intense and extreme sex and does not hesitate to try new experiences. He does not prefer the preliminaries as he is impatient and wants to go to the ... main course as soon as possible. Sex toys are his fetish and his collection is rich, however he will never say no to one more addition. Suitable sex toy: A vibrator with pressure waves is the innovation that is definitely missing from its collection.


Capricorn may play it serious and measured but that alone is not it. He wants a restrained partner to teach him things. He hates foreplay and casual sex, and can fight titanic battles to get his partner to orgasm over and over again. He likes patience and dedication, which is why he prefers new experiences to be new for his partner as well, making him take on the role of ... a teacher. Suitable sex toy: The anal balls are the ones that will make a Capricorn scream with pleasure as they can be used slowly, sequentially and ... torturously.


Aquarius is their playful and most independent zodiac sign. She loves new experiences and is not shocked by anything. He is looking for anything eccentric and liberated. Everything new stimulates his imagination and his partner will prefer to have more experiences than him as his thirst for learning is quenched. What is certain is that sex with him will be of particular interest. Suitable sex toy: A swing is the toy that will leave an Aquarius with his mouth open as it allows him to experiment in various poses and be left completely in the hands of his partner.


Pisces is the ultimate definition of a dreamer. Intensely emotional and sensitive but also open to new experiences. He could become an excellent actor as he has a weakness in role-playing games. She loves variety and will not hesitate to experiment even with people of the same sex. He is particularly pleased to give a visual spectacle to his partner and is irritated by the play on words. Suitable sex toy: A vibrator with a suction cup is the ideal gift for a Pisces as it allows him to place it on the bathroom tiles (a true water lover) and give another interpretation recital playing the game they catch him (supposedly) in leeks.