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Health - Care

Cleaning and Bath Products

In the cleaning and bath products, you'll find essential items for the safe and hygienic use of sexual toys and accessories.

Our store offers categories that include anal douches - showers for optimal hygiene before anal activities, cleansers for sex toys for proper maintenance and cleanliness of your toys, and bath products that provide another way to maintain your personal hygiene in your erotic lifestyle.

These products are essential for a healthy and safe sexual experience.

Sex Lubricants

In the Sex Lubricants category, you'll find a wide range of lubricants designed to enhance the sexual experience.

This category includes water-based, silicone-based, fisting lubricants, edible lubes, and those specially designed for anal use, offering comfort and reducing friction.

Sex lubricants are ideal for increased pleasure, whether used on their own or with various sexual toys, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Massage and care

In the Massage and Care categories, you'll find a wide range of products dedicated to sensual care and erotic massage.

These categories include care products such as Body care, makeup, and hair dyes, edible and non-edible massage oils that offer deep relaxation and stimulation, oral gels, as well as massage creams that enhance erotic stimulation and the sense of pleasure.

Deepen your intimate connection and add a sense of luxury and care to your intimate moments.


In the Condoms category, you'll find a wide range of condoms designed to provide safety and protection during sexual contact.

The collection includes condoms of various sizes, textures, and flavors, offering options for every preference and need.

Whether you're looking for the ultimate sensation, additional lubrication, or specific features such as discretion and pleasure enhancement, our store's condoms are guaranteed to be of high quality and designed with your safety in mind.


In the Delay category, you'll find products specifically designed to prolong sexual performance and enhance the duration of the intimate experience.

This category includes sprays and creams that help reduce sensitivity, providing a more controlled and lasting way to avoid premature ejaculation.

Our delay products are ideal for men who wish to increase their endurance and experience a more satisfying sexual duration, enhancing pleasure for both partners.

Sex Stimulants

In the Sex Stimulants category, you'll find special products designed to increase sexual arousal and pleasure.

The range includes stimulant creams, sprays, and oils for Men, Women, and Couples that help enhance sensory response and stimulate erogenous zones.

These products are ideal for those looking to add an extra dimension to their intimate moments, whether for foreplay or a more intense sexual experience.

Anal relaxants

In the Anal Relaxants category, you'll find products specifically designed to facilitate and make anal contact more comfortable.

This category includes lubricants and creams that help relax the anal muscles, reducing friction and discomfort for a smoother and more pleasant experience.

Anal relaxants are ideal for beginners in anal activities or for those seeking a more comfortable approach, ensuring a safer and more satisfying sexual experience.

In the Care category, you'll find a variety of products that focus on health and personal care related to sexuality. This category offers products such as lubricants, cleansers for erotic toys, condoms, and other items that contribute to a safe and enjoyable sexual experience.

At Megasexshop, you'll find items that concentrate on health and personal care in the realm of sexuality. This category includes products like lubricants, cleansers for items, condoms, and other products that are essential for a safe and enjoyable sexual experience. Aimed at providing high-quality products, the Care category ensures that your sexual play remains healthy, safe, and enjoyable.