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The human body and its erogenous zones are delicious warm, but you probably know the feeling when you suddenly come into contact with cold massage toys, lubricants or massage oils. With the Toyswarmer this unpleasant feeling is of the past! The massage toys feel even more comfortable and naturally when they are brought to the ideal temperature before use.

The Toyswarmer (formerly known as Fleshwarmer) warms your lubricants, massage oils or massage toys to the ideal temperature. With massage toys you can think of, for example dildo's and other toys made of plastic, metal or glass. Additionally, there are several brands massage toys for men, e.g. an artificial vagina gets an enjoyable and realistic feel when warmed with the Toyswarmer.

According to need, the warmth intensity can be adjusted by means of the temperature controller. The built-in thermostat ensures a constant temperature and the warmth penetrative effect is determined by the length of time.

The electric Toyswarmer has the shape of a pouch and is made of a sturdy, flexible and waterproof plastic. It is water and dirt repellent. The Toyswarmer is easy to clean with a damp cloth and some soap.

Power supply via the mains 230 V ~ 0.3 A
Size L x B = ± 34 x 17 cm, diameter opening: ± 10 cm

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More Information
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