BDSM is starting to gain more and more fanatical audiences and not unjustly since we are talking about one of the most kinky fantasies that a couple can fit in their bedroom (and not only). But what does the term BDSM mean? BDSM is originally the words Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, Masochism. Ropes, handcuffs, leather straps, locking bars and many more items can take bondage to ... another level! But how can you integrate it into your sex life and enjoy it to the fullest?

Christian Gray is to blame for everything!

The beginning of Bondage becoming widely known was made by the well-known and popular series of books and movies 50 Shades of Gray (50 Shades of Gray). After all, who can forget the riveting scene where Anastasia meets for the first time the sadomasochistic love with Christian closing her eyes, tying her hands with a tie and immobilizing her legs with a bar? How many did not imagine this scene unfolding in their own bedroom? Surely, many were the ones who were inspired by this scene to enrich their sex life and saw BDSM with ... another eye!

Obviously, we do not have enough days to analyze every scene of the award-winning film, as well as all the objects that were used during the shooting to offer enjoyment, however, we will focus on the ... binding, which is perhaps one of the biggest fantasies in the world for both men and women. Bad lies, even the most dynamic woman at some point in her life has wanted to be a man under the bed, because, no matter how we do it, it is stimulating to know that your orgasm is clearly in the hands of the other and you can not to do absolutely nothing about it.

Everything is the jointly desire

First of all, in order to get into the process of incorporating bondage into your sex life, you must first make sure that your partner agrees with it, and we are not just talking about a "do you want?" Question. The issue should have been discussed at length from the beginning so that they both know each other's limits so that they do not go overboard and one does not get into a difficult position.

The role is not exclusive

Once everything has been agreed and you have entered the process of trying it out once in the role of the submissive, this does not necessarily mean that you should remain stuck in this role for a lifetime. It is perfectly normal to want to see things from the other side at some point. Maybe you enjoy both roles equally, who knows?

How to start

All things in this life have degrees and evolution, it is not possible to go directly into the deep. The most rewarding sex toy according to research is handcuffs, so for a start you can be content with a simple pair like this and then move on to the more ... kinky ones like leather or even sets (we loved this one that includes a collar) . Surely, your partner will enjoy more than ever a mouthful with her hands tied and feeling surrendered to your tongue.

Level 2

So since everything is going well and you both enjoy the bondage experience equally then you will definitely want to increase your experiences and enrich your collection. After all, we are all jealous of Christian Gray's famous red room. So what would you say if, in addition to depriving your partner of the sense of touch, you also deprived him of the sense of sight? So a mask is absolutely necessary and what better than a mask with a silky texture? So close her eyes and let her wonder about your next move.

In two one third definitely fits

Mini female tip to make your partner ... scream with pleasure. As open-minded as a woman is, she is used to using her sex toys and especially her vibrators mostly alone. So here's your chance! It's time to stop seeing her dildo as ... a competitor but as a partner. As long as she is tied up and with her eyes closed, anxious for the future, all you have to do is take her favorite sex toy and give her a strong orgasm.

Do not settle for bed

Who said bindings can only be made on a bed or a chair? Error! Binding can be done everywhere and to spark your imagination a little, a great idea is to tie it to a door. You wonder how this can be done and at what point in the door you can tie your partner and it is completely normal. And somewhere here we come to introduce you and suggest the door locks. Thanks to its bars that lock at the top of the door and the straps that end in handcuffs, this particular sex toy will definitely become your favorite.

Finally you are for ... tying

I do not say, handcuffs are so good but we said, everything is done gradually and with slow steps. So far, the only contact your girlfriend had with a rope was with the clothesline, it's time to forget what she knew because there are a lot of ropes and they can definitely offer a lot more enjoyment than hanging clothes. Here you will find our entire collection of tying ropes in all lengths and colors. Think that with such a rope you can have your partner's arms and legs tied at the same time. Do not forget that there are endless techniques and ways of tying to fill your nights with pleasure.

Sit under the bar

If you belong to the daring, then an immobilizer bar is what is missing from your bedroom. But what exactly is it? We are talking about a metal bar that has handcuffs or footrests at its ends. You place the tie on your partner's arms or legs (there are also bars that include two sets of handcuffs, one for the arms and one for the legs, like this one) and in this way you have ensured its complete immobilization. But the game does not end there as the bars usually have gradations and fluctuate thus adjusting the opening of the arms or legs to the point you want. Here you will find our entire collection of stop bars.

So Bondage is not a simple matter. If you have decided and want to experiment then you should definitely take a look at our collection of all the products you will need to take your love life to another level. Here you will find everything from handcuffs, footrests and laces to the most kinky immobilization bars that will set ... fire on your bed!