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Feromony-Pherluxe Silver for men 33 ml spray

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Pherluxe - a brand created for people who do not stop at mediocrity, are constantly looking for new solutions, are not afraid of challenges, and each new day is an adventure for them. Eager for invigorating sensations, they strive for perfection in their searches. Pherluxe pheromone formulas enable the implementation of even the most daring plans at home, at work, in company. The way we speak, move and look are of great importance in interpersonal contacts. However, in the light of research conducted for several years, pheromones - odorless substances that trigger the processes responsible for perception, attention and emotions in the brain, have a significant impact on the perception of another person. The use of the latest discoveries in the field of human senses, combined with modern technology and scientific research, have enabled the development of advanced formulas allowing the production of the highest quality pheromones with unprecedented properties. Pherluxe redefines masculinity and femininity - Science Gone Sexy. Pherluxe SILVER - What features should an ideal fragrance have? If you are looking for one that will be with you throughout the day, this one will meet your expectations. Experience a surge of energy and daily sensual pleasure. Fragrance notes: Top notes: mandarin orange, bergamot, black currant leaves. Heart Notes: Pepper, Rose. Base notes: patchouli, sandalwood.

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More Information
Volume (Mililitres)33
Weight (Kilograms)0.08