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Soft Tampons normal, 10er Pack new

Experience maximum comfort and convenience during your period with Soft Tampons from Joydivision. This 10-pack of normal-sized tampons is perfect for everyday wear, and they're made from ultra-soft materials that won't irritate your skin. Whether you're hitting up the gym or enjoying a romantic evening with your partner, these tampons are discreet and easy to use. So why settle for uncomfortable and bulky pads? Switch to Soft Tampons and enjoy a stress-free period. Purchase now and feel confident and comfortable all day long.
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These stringless tampons provide hygienic safety for intercourse during menstruation - fully non-perceptible for the partner! The spongy tampons are anatomically shaped and fit comfortably. Also suitable for sauna and swimming pool. Dermatologically and clinically tested. Made in Germany. 10 pieces.

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More Information
Length (Centimetres)23.1
Width (Centimetres)7.1
Weight (Kilograms)0.08


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