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The Secret Seduction Elixir 10 In 1 - 200 ml

The Secret Seduction Elixir 10 In 1 is a must-have item for enthusiasts looking for a unique experience. It is a 200ml bottle from the renowned brand Orgie that promises to provide an unforgettable experience. This all-in-one solution is versatile and delivers 10 different benefits to enhance your pleasure. With a secret formula, this elixir is specially designed to stimulate various parts of your body and create an irresistible sensory experience. It is perfect for couples who want to try something new or individuals looking for a solo adventure. Give in to your deepest desires with The Secret Seduction Elixir 10 In 1.
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10 in 1 pheromone elixir for skin and hair!
Specially developed for women who love being seductive. The formula with active pheronones, argan oil, panthenol and coconut oil highlights and intensifies the hair and skin’s beauty. 200 ml. 10-in1:
1. Moisturising cream
2. Gives the skin a delicate satin shimmer
3. UV protective filter
4. Aphrodisiac scents
5. Active pheromones
6. Anti-split
7. Anti-frizz
8. Protection for coloured hair
9. Gives hair more volume and makes it velvety smooth
10. Perfects the hair and skin feeling

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More Information
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Width (Centimetres)4.9
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