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Hot Pheromon Parfum Twilight Woman 10ml

Experience seduction and attraction with Hot Pheromon Parfum Twilight Woman. This 10ml fragrance is specially formulated with pheromones that enhance your natural appeal and make you irresistible to potential partners. The rich and sultry scent exudes a sense of mystery and sensuality, perfect for any intimate encounter. HOT, a trusted brand in adult products, has created this perfume to help you feel confident and alluring. Use it for a special occasion or wear it every day to make your presence known. Get your hands on Hot Pheromon Parfum Twilight Woman and unleash your inner seductress.
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  • HOT PHEROMONE Woman Eau De Parfum "twilight" extra strong Pheromones are chemicals secreted by many living beings in order to attract the opposite sex.
  • They are invisible and odourless and therefore work subconsciously.
  • PHEROMONE SERIES for man & woman contains an absolutely fragrance-free spray and a stylish, french perfume.
  • Only high quality pheromones, which have been recognized for a long time as "sexual attractants", are used.

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Volume (Mililitres)10
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