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China Brush Delay Lotion No Colour 2.6ml

**Enhance Your Intimacy with Nanma China Brush Delay Lotion No Colour 2.6ml** Elevate your intimate moments with Nanma China Brush Delay Lotion. This potent 2.6ml formula is expertly designed to help prolong pleasure and delay climax, ensuring an unforgettable experience for you and your partner. Ideal for men seeking to extend their performance, this discreet and effective lotion is a must-have addition to your bedroom essentials. Uncoloured and easy to apply, the China Brush Delay Lotion offers a seamless enhancement to your intimate life. Shop now and discover the power of prolonged pleasure with Nanma's trusted product. Satisfaction guaranteed!
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China Brush Delay Lotion 2.6ml.China Brush or Kwang Tze Solution or China brush oil or Chinese brush oil is a very effective external ejaculation delay solution. Usage and Dosage: (External application only)Apply a thin layer of this solution. one-two hours before . After applying for 30 mins, it can be washed off and the effects stay for over 2 hours, perfect for oral. Do not use too much. JUST A THIN LAYER WILL GIVE YOU MOST SATISFACTION AND A LONGER LASTING SEXUAL EXPERIENCE FOR YOU AND YOUR PARTNER. Ingredients: ALOE VERA (= Barbadensis ) 5% CLOVE 5% KOREAN GINSENG 16% CINNAMON 20%

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Volume (Mililitres)2.6
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