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Kheper Games Potheads Against Sanity

Unleash wild and unforgettable fun with Kheper Games Potheads Against Sanity. Perfect for stoners, this adult card game from the renowned Kheper Games brand promises hilarious and shocking entertainment for your next gathering. Ideal for spicing up parties, it's the game where your most insane and creative answers reign supreme. Get ready to outwit your friends, spark laughter, and dive into crazy scenarios. Don't miss out on a must-have addition to your game night collection. Ignite your imagination and let the good times roll with Potheads Against Sanity! Available now at our sex shop.
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The game of insane question and answer match-ups! Compete to come up with the most INSANE matching answers possible! Players take turns asking questions or making fill-in-the-blank statements while other players submit hilarious answers. The funniest answer wins!! Includes: 96 Insane Questions and 107 Insane Answer cards, an 8-sided die, and rule card.

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