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Kheper Games Buzzed Bands

**Product Description:** Elevate your party game with Kheper Games Buzzed Bands! Perfect for breaking the ice or turning any gathering into an epic night to remember, these colorful and fun wristbands come with hilarious challenges to spice up your social events. Whether you're hosting a bachelorette party or simply having friends over for some laughter and excitement, Buzzed Bands offers endless entertainment and interactive fun. Easy to use and a hit at any event, these bands will quickly become your go-to party starter! Unlock the ultimate social experience with Kheper Games Buzzed Bands and watch your night come alive.
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Each player puts a band on a cup, wrist, or bottle. Players hang out at a party as they normally would while also carrying out the dares printed on their Buzzed Bands. Keep following through with your dare until someone switches bands with you. Includes: 10 Buzzed Bands with dares, such as: “Laugh maniacally when spoken to OR take a drink”.

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