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Terms of Use

Megasexshop.gr, (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), is the website hosted by the Online Store under the trade name "megasexshop.gr or megasexshop.com", which exhibits, promotes and sells erotic products & amp; accessories, clothing and footwear, accessories and more through the Internet. Megasexshop.gr or megasexshop.com and the Website are owned by the company "Hippie Monkeys Internet Services EU" and the distinctive title "Hippiemonkeys & lt; The Foundry & gt;", located at 38 Iera Odos Street, keramicos. in Greece (Tax ID: 800505784 / DOY A' ATHINWN), Tel.+302118008888 (hereinafter "megasexshop.gr" or "Online Store", "Business", "Company", "us", "us", "us"), which also manages it legally. These General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website and Purchases, which comprise as an integral and integral part, the General Terms of the Market, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Use" or "General Terms" or " Terms"), determine the terms and conditions that you have in any of your attributes, namely the browser / visitor, User of the Services, Consumer - Buyer, Member, (hereinafter referred to as "User", "Consumer", "you", "you", (You) browse our Site, use its content and its Services (eg Member Subscriptions, Newsletters), and / or transact in our Online Store, making purchases and governing your sales contract with Megasexshop.gr to buy products from our Online Store. Before accessing the Website and using its Services or making purchases at our Online Store, we invite you to consult the Terms and Conditions and make sure you agree to them. Should you disagree with any of these Terms and Conditions, you should not take any action to use any of the Megasexshop Services, including your simple browsing through our Online Store. However, if you would like any clarification or information regarding the Terms and Conditions, or if you have any disagreement, reservation or query regarding it, you may contact Megasexshop.gr Customer Service at one of the ways mentioned in the relevant section. "Contact", If you disagree with any terms and / or all of them, you must not use any of the services of Megasexshop.gr, nor purchase any products. By taking any action on our Online Store, however, such as browsing through it, subscribing to our Business or Newsletter or purchasing our products, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accepted the Terms and Conditions . Your regular visit to the Website to monitor any changes to the Terms and Conditions is deemed necessary, as Megasexshop.gr reserves the right to modify, renew, delete, add, unilaterally a) these Terms and Conditions, as a whole in part, b) its Policies; c) the Services provided; , possibly without your prior notice or consent, but always within the limits of the ethics and limits set by law. Megasexshop undertakes to notify you of any changes to the above through the Website, which will take effect from the date of their posting on this Website. It is clarified that any changes to these Terms and Conditions do not constitute an order or other transaction or use of services that you have already performed prior to the entry into force of the Changes in accordance with the foregoing and our Company has accepted. However, if you would like some clarification or information about the changes, or if you have any disagreement, reservation or query regarding them (the changes), you can contact Megasexshop Customer Service at one of the ways mentioned in the related section "Contact" before performing any of your actions at Megasexshop. Any action, use or transaction made by Megasexshop in accordance with the above Changes, Please note that any information / clarification provided to you by our Customer Service regarding the Terms and Conditions above does not constitute a substitution, substitution or any modification of the Terms and Conditions, as provided solely to assist you, and our Terms and Conditions constitute our sole and exclusive agreement. Megasexshop reserves the right at any time, without cause and without prior notice to the User, to terminate, suspend or terminate the operation of the Website / Online Store or certain Services or the marketing of certain Products. .0 Your use of this Website and any transaction you make to our Online Store is at your sole risk. THE ADMISSION OF TERMS Accordingly USERS DECLARE SPECIFICALLY AND HIGHLY to have legal age ALLOWS binding FROM THESE GENERAL CONDITIONS CONCERNING THE USE OF SERVICE AND PRODUCTS OF MEGASEXSHOP.GR MATERIALS THAT MAKE. II. GENERAL TERMS OF USE OF THE WEBSITE 1. PROVIDING GENERAL INFORMATION - BLOG The information provided by Megasexshop.gr is complete, true, valid and up-to-date, whether related to our identity or products provided by our online store (eg Product Description). The above guarantees are without prejudice to any technical or typographical errors that cannot be foreseen or have been caused unintentionally or because of interruptions to this site or even force majeure. 1. SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER Your registration with Megasexshop's Newsletter Service is done at your discretion and is not a mandatory process for purchasing from the Online Store. However, those who open an account at Megasexshop (hereinafter referred to as "Members") will be able to receive our newsletters and other promotional material at the email address that they will tell us during this process (Account Opening). Registration with Megasexshop Newsletter Service is also possible for non-Members and is completed by entering your email address in the appropriate field on the Website. Upon completion of your subscription to the Megasexshop Newsletter Service, Megasexshop is not responsible if Newsletters are not delivered to their destination, although it makes every effort with ISP's (Internet Service Providers) to deliver them. Newsletters may end up in the spam folder, so please check regularly that they are not stored there. If you no longer wish to receive newsletters or wish to be completely unsubscribed from the Megasexshop newsletter, you may notify us using the Contact form on the Website or via the corresponding link displayed in our Newsletters you receive. 3. ADVERTISEMENTS The Company reserves the right to advertise on various websites of its choice on the Internet and to use affiliates or third party advertising companies, as appropriate. Cookies are used in the display of these ads but do not use data that identifies Users personally. For more on Megasexshop.gr cookies policy, read our Cookies Policy. Our Company reserves the right to display third party advertisements through the Website. Ads may contain external links to third-party websites. Megasexshop.gr takes all reasonable measures to ensure that ads and their content are lawful, do not infringe upon the rights of third parties, are not offensive, false, deceptive or misleading, prohibit the posting of ads on the Site with content or abusive content. , threatening, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling and betting, weapons, explosives, viruses or other inappropriate programs, pyramids, illegal activities, or any other inappropriate content at its sole discretion. All ads are reviewed to be relevant to our community and respect the rights of third parties, either natural or legal persons. However, no advertising may imply that it is supported, endorsed or made in collaboration with megasexshop.gr. In addition, we take all appropriate measures to identify any advertisements that violate the above and are in violation of the law, however we do not guarantee the appropriateness and legality of these advertisements and may, at any time, Our Company decline any advertising for any reason whatsoever it deems appropriate. , even after its publication. 1. EXTERNAL LINKS The Website and its individual websites may contain links to third party websites whose information and data protection practices are different from those at Megasexshop.gr. Megasexshop.gr and our Company are not responsible for any information or data protection practices used on third party websites. Before using other websites, it is recommended that you read and understand their terms of use and their privacy policy. Our Company does not control the availability, content, privacy policy, quality or completeness of the services of other web sites to which Megasexshop.gr accepts to refer through "links", hyperlinks or advertising banners. 1. CONTACT US By using this Website and the use of its Services, you agree to receive electronic communications from us and you agree that they fulfill all legal written communication requirements regarding the reason for their creation. Any complaints, comments, suggestions, etc. you would like us to submit, please contact our Customer Service through the "Contact" section. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA Users and Members may follow our Company through its websites on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube (hereinafter referred to as "Social Media") to learn about, comment on and participate in its special promotions. Any products or services we offer through Social Media and all information that is disclosed, submitted or offered through its Social Media accounts will be subject to these General Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise agreed. In addition, any interaction you may have with Social Media may allow access to and access to your personal accounts on Social Media. We have no access to, nor control over, these services and are therefore not responsible for the acts and / or omissions of social service providers. III.GENERAL TERMS OF SALE - BUY THROUGH THE ONLINE SHOP (B2C) Remote orders can only be made online and by phone. Our Company does not receive or process orders placed by email or through its Social Media pages. In addition, any order on the return form on a desired product is not considered an order. The following General Terms and Conditions therefore apply to the terms and conditions under which sales are made - through our Online Store and by telephone (hereinafter referred to as the "General Terms and Conditions"). The Seller is the Company 1. PRODUCTS Megasexshop.gr through our Website promotes, promotes and sells to our Consumer (B2C) products such as clothing, footwear and accessories (hereinafter referred to as "Products"). The information accompanying the Products displayed on Megasexshop.gr is complete, true, valid and up-to-date, and these photographs represent a true, realistic and accurate representation of our Products, however the above warranties are without prejudice to any technical or typographical deficiencies errors, which cannot be foreseen or have been caused unintentionally, or because of interruptions to this Site or due to force majeure. In particular regarding the information provided on the availability of the Products, Megasexshop.gr has taken all the necessary technical and other means to immediately update the availability of our Products, but still expressly reserves the validity of the Products available at the Online Store they may be updated within one (1) hour of their modification. In particular for any errors in the pricing of our Products, as set forth in Section III.C.2.4 below. Megasexshop.gr reserves the right to choose at its sole discretion and discretion the Products available for sale, and may from time to time withdraw or renew them freely and without notice, consent and / or information. The same applies to any offers, discounts and any pricing policies that are followed from time to time, as long as this is at our sole discretion. All products are for personal use only and not for commercial use, such as resale. 1. ORDER 1. Basic Requirement for Submission In order to be able to place your order you must first check if the country and / or postal code of the area in which the products you wish to purchase will be shipped is currently served by our Company. Our company, except Greece, executes orders in all countries served by the UPS courier network with which we cooperate for the shipment of your orders. For more information on shipping countries, visit the USP website at www.ups.com. If the country / postal code-area you typed is not available, you can contact us at 2103006969, or by sending us an email ( email) at info [at] megasexshop [dot] gr COMPANY MEGASEXSHOP EVNOITOUS FOR PURPOSES ONLY SENT IN DISCREET (non-transparent) NO LOGOS AND PACKAGING THE ONLY appearing on SENDER INFORMATION TO BE THE DISTINCTIVE "TOP SOLUTIONS" IN EACH PARCEL OF. 1. Order placement - Completion of a sales contract Check the Products you wish to purchase in the shopping cart by clicking on the "Shopping Cart" link / icon at the top right of the Website. You can use the remove / delete button to remove Products from your shopping cart before completing your order. In order to complete your order, you must provide us with some of the information necessary to process your order, including your personal information, payment and shipping information, etc. This information is: name, surname, email, telephone, postal address (street, number, city, postal code, country and your card details if you choose to pay by credit card. The process of registering and opening your Megasexshop Account is quick and simple: either through facebook or registering your email and password - password. Membership and membership is free, personal, non-transferable and non-transferable. You are solely responsible for the information you provide us, and Megasexshop relies solely on your disclosure of your personal information. Your Personal Information that you provide to us when you register as a Member is processed solely by us for the purpose of creating your Megasexshop.gr Account for your convenience regarding the purchase and delivery of Products you purchase from our Online Store. (e.g. to ensure you can communicate with, for completion, shipping and delivery of your order, for our payment and secure financial transaction and for the shipment of Products purchased to you) and in addition for sending you our newsletters and other promotional updates. With respect to the collection and processing of your personal data, the terms and conditions of Megasexshop.gr's Privacy Policy apply, which Terms and Policies declare that you have read, understand and fully and unconditionally accept. All of your personal information collected through the special online form is absolutely necessary to conduct the above transactions and your registration indicates your full consent. Should you change your details, you must notify us immediately of your new information, so that it is always complete and true. By registering in accordance with the above, you expressly consent to the collection and processing of your information under these General Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy of Megasexshop.gr. You may at any time obtain your consent to the collection and processing of the personal data you have provided to us, by deleting a Member by sending an email to info [at] megasexshop [dot] gr You can also open an account at Megasexshop.gr through your Facebook account. In this case, Megasexshop.gr will ask you to give us permission to access any information you have stated on Facebook to be public. For more information about your data and how we use it, please visit our Privacy Policy. You may, at any time, have access to your data, or you may at any time request the immediate deletion or correction of your data, their temporary non-use by Megasexshop.gr, their blocking or non-transmission, following same as the above procedure of sending us an email. In any case, however, your information is retained by Megasexshop.gr only as long as you are a Registered Member. Membership is only possible for natural or legal persons with full legal capacity. Minors (persons under 18) are excluded from membership. Once you have placed the finished Products in your Shopping Cart, you have one more step left to complete your order, the "click" on the "ORDER COMPLETION" button. Your orders can be placed at any time of the day and on a daily basis with no exceptions. By filling in your details as above and clicking on the "Complete Order" button, you will see your entire order with its complete details, including payment and shipping information. If you agree, you have one more step left to submit your order: click through to the acceptance of these Terms of Use and Purchases and our Privacy Policy. Once your Terms and Policies have been accepted, you click on the "COMPLETELY ORDER" button, whereupon your order is completed and submitted to our company You are required to provide complete and true information when submitting your order. Upon completion of your order you state that you are a legal / authorized user of the credit or debit card you provide to us and that there is sufficient balance available to cover the value of the Products you purchase. Our Company may (but is not obliged to) review the payment information you provide to us when you choose to pay by credit card or online payment providers online to safeguard our financial transactions. Should any discrepancy, error or any other nature of the problem arise or exist, it may at its sole discretion reject your order. Once you place your order, you are then logged in with our affiliate payment provider, depending on the payment method you choose. You can pay in one of the ways listed in Section III.5 below. Once your order payment has been successfully completed, Megasexshop.gr will automatically send you a message to the email account you have indicated at the time of submission of your order, which will notify you that we have received it, will list the Products you have ordered and all the terms of your order and your order number. It is noted that: a) in the event that you have opted for payment by payment, the confirmation of the order according to the above will be sent to you upon submission of your order, and the Products will only be delivered to you with full payment of the Products in due course deliver these to you. Upon completion of the order stage according to the above, Megasexshop.gr then examines whether this order can be executed as it stands and there is no reason to reject it in accordance with the terms herein. If it is considered that it can be processed in its entirety, the process of sending your Products to the courier company we work with or to another affiliate is initiated, and we will then send you a message to the email account you have indicated to us at the time of placing your order. , which will let you know the shipping / shipment number. With this number you can keep track of your order until it reaches the delivery area you have indicated in your order. Delivery time and costs depend on many factors, such as where the item is delivered, the quantity of Products, etc. For more information on delivery time and shipping cost, please see Sections III.3 and III..4 respectively. In the event that upon receipt of your order, we find that there is a sudden shortage of any of the Products you have ordered, or delay in delivery, unexpected, or temporary unavailability, and any other issue - problem that renders your order partial. accepted and enforceable by us, (eg a Product has been delayed by our supplier due to shipping, force majeure, etc., so we do not have it in our warehouses when we calculate it, (b) a force majeure event, such as indicative of extreme weather events, strikes, or any event outside our sphere of influence and control, which may affect the shipment and delivery of your order, (c) there is a lack of sufficient stock; we will contact you immediately on the contact details you have provided when submitting your order in order to agree to any modification, correction and / or cancellation of your order. We look forward to contacting you, however in the event that this is not possible within two (2) days of your order being completed, we will send you an email with the order part that Megasexshop.gr may execute, and the rest of your order that cannot be executed by us will be canceled. Therefore, based on the above, the new email we send to you will be the notification of receipt of your order and our Company will have to execute it. In case you have paid for the part of the canceled order, Important Legal Clarification: Sending us your order confirmation as above, although it states the voucher number your order will receive from the carrier, is not an acceptance by us of your order, just a confirmation - notification that we received it. The order you submit to Megasexshop.gr is a suggestion on your part to our Company to purchase the Products listed therein. In order for a sales contract to be concluded between us, we must also accept your order as it stands. Such acceptance is effected by us when we send you the email confirming that your order has been shipped as such. It is clarified that if your order confirmation message does not include some of the Products included in your order, these Products do not form part of our sales contract and will be refunded if paid. as soon as possible, while acknowledging and accepting that our Company owes you no compensation in this case. However, the Contract will only be executed once the Products are paid, that is, once your card is credited, or your order is paid in the event of a deposit. while acknowledging and accepting that our Company owes you no compensation in this case. However, the Contract will only be executed once the Products are paid, that is, once your card is credited, or your order is paid in the event of a deposit. while acknowledging and accepting that our Company owes you no compensation in this case. However, the Contract will only be executed once the Products are paid, that is, once your card is credited, or your order is paid in the event of a deposit. MEGASEXSHOP COMPANY FOR INTELLECTUAL REASONS SENDS ONLY IN DISCRETE, OPEN (NON-TRANSPARENT) PACKAGING AND WITHOUT LOGISTICS, BUT NOT The duration of our contract of sale is determined by the date we will send you the email confirming the fulfillment of your order with the shipping number, until the last day that you have the right to cancel the order, cancel or return the product, as defined herein and by law. Our Company does not keep track of your orders, so you must at your own risk keep the notifications we send you regarding your orders and transactions between us. 1. Phone Orders You can place your order by phone at Megasexshop.gr at the phones listed on the Megasexshop.gr page. The days and times that phone orders can be placed are Monday - Friday from 09:00 - 17:00 and Saturday from 09:00 - 13:00. During your phone call you will describe the Product you want to order and provide us with the payment and shipping information listed on our page and described here. And for the phone orders the same payment methods apply. For the security and proper execution of your orders, phone order calls are recorded and are proof of the contents of your order, as well as acknowledgment of receipt of your order and confirmation of its execution. By placing an order, you agree to these General Terms and Conditions and the policies contained therein such as that of your Privacy Policy. Note that your financial information you provide to us by telephone is not recorded. 1. Order Cancellation 1. Cancellation of Order by User In addition to the other cases mentioned here, you can cancel your order in the following cases: Before submitting your order, you can technically remove the quantities of Products from your cart that you do not wish to order by pressing the 'X' button which activates the removal of the corresponding Products. Upon notification of receipt of your order but prior to confirmation of acceptance by the shipment notice within two (2) hours, you may cancel your order by emailing us at info [at] megasexshop [dot] gr or by phone at (+30) 2103006969, all days (except Sundays): from 10am - 9pm. The email is deemed to have been received by us for the purposes of this post, the next business day after its dispatch, and we may cancel your order as set out above only if your relevant message has been received prior to sending it to you confirmation of shipment of your products. In addition, if Megasexshop.gr modifies your order in accordance with the terms herein, you may cancel your order in whole or in part where it may not be executed by us. For orders shipped overseas, it is true that if you wish to cancel your order before receiving the products, you will be charged the shipping costs required for the return of the products to our Company's headquarters in Greece. 2.4.2 Order Cancellation from Megasexshop.gr: In addition to the other cases mentioned herein, Megasexshop.gr may cancel your order and / or the Sales Agreement at any stage in the following cases: Due to a technical error the Product you have ordered is unavailable and has not been able to update the system, and / or when it is no longer possible to obtain it from our Company for any reason or reason. Due to a technical error, the value stated in the Product, or its description is incorrect. In our absolute discretion, we consider that you are involved in unfair practices when placing an order, or when you do not claim fair use of the Megasexshop.gr ordering system. No repayment. Failure to receive the Products in accordance with the terms herein. Execution of the order is contrary to laws, rules and regulations. In cases of force majeure. In case the Product of the canceled order has been paid, Megasexshop.gr will refund you without undue delay. 2.4.3 Cancellation upon receipt of the product Upon receipt of the product, the order shall be canceled by the exercise of the Right of Withdrawal as set forth in Section III.6 below. Your refusal to receive your Products upon delivery by the carrier shall constitute a withdrawal, the right to exercise which the provisions of Section III.6 below apply. 1. Prices 1. Quoted price Although Megasexshop.gr takes all reasonable technical and practical measures to ensure the accuracy and precision of the prices stated in our Online Products, there is a possibility that due to a technical error there may be an error in the price of one or more products included. in your order. Upon receipt of your order and before receiving payment, we will check the prices of the Products ordered. In the event of any error in the pricing of a Product you have ordered, we will contact you as soon as possible and in any event prior to shipment. It is at your discretion to proceed with the order with the correct prices, modify it with due regard to the correct prices, or cancel it. Prices quoted in all of our Products are in Euro, including VAT. and are considered final. For details on our charges see Section II.4. 1. DELIVERY OF PRODUCTS 1. Place of delivery The Products are delivered to the address stated on order, within the Greek Territory, in Cyprus and abroad. 1. Delivery Method and Time The shipment time of the Products you have ordered depends on many factors as there may be delays for reasons not covered by our responsibility. See Section III.3.5 below for what applies to delivery delays. The Products are shipped exclusively, either through the company of the respective courier company for the Greek Territory and Cyprus, respectively abroad. When you place an order, you may choose to receive or ship the Products. Specifically, the following apply, subject to force majeure and not at our own discretion: Subject to those expressly set forth in these Terms of Use, if your order is completed by 12:00 pm From Monday to Friday, delivery times are as follows: For deliveries within Greek territory: The products are delivered in Greece within 3 to 7 days depending on the availability of the supplier and your destination. For deliveries to other countries: Standard Delivery: Shipments take 8-12 business days. Express Saver: Shipments take 5-7 business days. However, note that the cost varies according to the type of shipment according to the above. For information on shipping costs, you should refer to Section III.4 "Shipping Costs" Note: Any orders placed by 12:30 pm (Greek time), processed by us on the same day, and beyond that time we process orders the next day. Any orders placed on Fridays after 12:00 pm (Greek time) and throughout the weekend, processing on Monday. The above deadlines do not apply in times of extreme weather or strikes and in any case of force majeure, which may affect shipping and delivery times. In this case Megasexshop.gr cooperates with specific courier and shipping companies. Product deliveries are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 17:30. 1. Delivery Delay Our Company makes every effort to ensure the timely and proper delivery of your Products, but we reserve the right that the delivery of your Product (s) may be delayed if, by way of indication, that the Product (s) is delayed. be shipped by our supplier due to shipping problems, force majeure, etc., so we do not have it in our warehouses when we calculate, (b) there is a force majeure event, such as indicative extreme weather events, strikes, or any other event outside our sphere of influence and control which may affect the shipment and delivery of your order, (c) there is a lack of sufficient stock. In the above cases we will contact you to ask if you would like us to deliver the order without the Product being delayed or unavailable, or suggesting an alternative, or informing you of the delivery time of the product which is not immediately available. available. If you are not satisfied with our offer, you have the right to cancel the order in whole or in part and to refund any money you have paid. In case of delay you can contact our Business at 2103006969 or the info [at] megasexshop [dot] gr email address where you can also cancel your order in whole or in part. or to let you know when the product is unavailable. If you are not satisfied with our offer, you have the right to cancel the order in whole or in part and to refund any money you have paid. In case of delay you can contact our Business at 2103006969 or the info [at] megasexshop [dot] gr email address where you can also cancel your order in whole or in part. or to let you know when the product is unavailable. If you are not satisfied with our offer, you have the right to cancel the order in whole or in part and to refund any money you have paid. In case of delay you can contact our Business at 2103006969 or the info [at] megasexshop [dot] gr email address where you can also cancel your order in whole or in part. 1. Liability on delivery Please be advised that our Company remains solely responsible for any damage or loss of your Products until you (or any third party you may have authorized) acquire the physical possession of the Products. If you are not at the stated address at the stated delivery date to receive the Products, our shipping company will try another two (2) times in the next business days to deliver your order. In the event that the shipment fails to arrive then your order will be automatically returned to us and registered as a Refusal. It is expressly agreed and by way of exception to the general rule of liability relating to us, you bear the responsibility for the loss or damage of the Products, and the Products are held in accordance with the terms of your shipping and at your own expense. We note that our Company maintains a special list of customers who have placed orders and have not received their Products, (have refused or are not in the delivery address at the agreed time) or have made high value purchases (over 300 Euro) and have denied receiving it once more. Orders from customers listed in this list, in which payment has been selected as a means of payment, even if successfully completed, are canceled. If these customers choose one of the other payment methods then their order will be shipped normally. 1. SHIPPING COSTS For deliveries within Greece shipping costs, including shipping costs, are at 4.90 € + VAT. For deliveries within Cyprus the shipping costs are at 12.00 € + VAT for the first two kilos and +2 euros for each subsequent kilo. For Greece only, for orders over 50 € shipping costs are free. For shipments to foreign countries the charge depends on the destination as well as the delivery method. 5. PAYMENT METHODS The following payment methods are available. You are asked to choose one of the following ways for each purchase, since there is no possibility of a combined payment method for the same order. 1. Payment Method Payment upon receipt of order. When the courier employee arrives at your place to deliver your products, you pay in cash the value of your order. According to the applicable tax provisions for repayment of more than 500 Euros you cannot use the method of payment, as no cash payment is allowed, so you will have to choose another means of payment. 1. Payment by credit-debit card or paypal You can use your Visa and MasterCard credit cards for your transactions. Your transactions at our online store are protected by RSA Encryption. For the purpose of payment, fill in all the required fields (card number, expiry date, CCV) in the respective bank environment. Megasexshop.gr processes your card details solely for the purpose of completing a transaction between us, namely the repayment of Products you have purchased from our online store. Your card number is not stored, so for every purchase in our store you wish to pay by credit card, you will need to re-enter your card details. 1. DISCLAIMER 1. Conditions for exercising a right You are given fourteen (14) calendar days to withdraw from the purchase you may have made through our online store, without giving reasons or providing us with any explanation for your desire to return the product (s). (unnecessary withdrawal). The above fourteen (14) calendar days deadline for the exercise of the right of withdrawal shall be the day following the day on which you or any person you designate us to receive your products (other than the carrier), obtain the physical possession of the products. If you have ordered more than one product on an order and are delivered separately, the deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal as set forth above will start on the day following that on which you or any person you designate us to receive the products. you (other than the carrier) acquire the physical possession of the last good. In any event, if the expiry of the deadline coincides with a weekend or a public holiday, it shall be extended until the following working day. 6.2 Right-of-way procedures: In order to exercise the right of withdrawal referred to in Article 6.1 above, you must notify us of any decision you may withdraw from the Sale Agreement we have entered into, with a clear statement (eg letter) ) which you will send in one of the following ways: by registered letter to our mailing address: Hippie Monkeys Internet Services EU, 74 Smyrnis Ave., Aigaleo, TK. 12242, Athens - Greece by phone with Hippiemonkeys Customer Service on +30 2103006969 (toll free). By email to info [at] megasexshop [dot] gr, by filling in the "RETURN SHIPPING" form attached to the shipping note upon receipt of the product and giving the form to our courier partner at the same time that he visits you to deliver the product to you. If you choose General Postage for the return of the products, it must be scanned by the courier and the "RETURN FEE" form. below point 6.5 Online at Megasexshop.gr. By submitting your Withdrawal Request electronically, our Company will promptly send you the confirmation email you received when you registered or completed your order. For your convenience, you may also use the Attachment Letter Form attached to these Terms, which you can print and send / attach as above. The use of the attached Form is not mandatory. 6.3 Consumer obligations upon withdrawal In order to meet the withdrawal deadline, you must send us your statement of exercise of your right of withdrawal before the withdrawal deadline expires as set forth herein. You expressly agree that your notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal shall be deemed to have been received by us the following business day after the dispatch of the request for withdrawal to us in accordance with the terms herein. In case of exercising the right of withdrawal according to the above, you must return to us at: Hippie Monkeys Internet Services EU, 74 Smyrnis, Aigaleo, TK. 12242, Athens - Greece The Product from the purchase of which you immediately withdraw, without undue delay and in any event within fourteen (14) calendar days of the day on which the notice of your decision to withdraw from the sale contract was received. as defined herein. In case you do not want a credit or change, but a refund, you will only have to return the products to our company address mentioned above here. The exercise of the right of withdrawal is by law your obligation to prove to us within the prescribed period of time (the date on which the request for withdrawal was filed with our company), in order for us to calculate the legal deadlines arising hereunder. and the law. The cost of returning the products you buy from is borne by you. However, if you use the freight carrier Elta Courier with which our company cooperates, the return cost is 4 € for returns within Greece and 10 € for returns from Cyprus, which you will not pay directly to that courier directly, but You will be deducted from the total amount that our Company is required to pay you as a result of the withdrawal in accordance with the law and the terms hereof. If you use any other carrier or ELTA to return the product you are withdrawing from, you pay the shipping cost directly to that courier. For returns from any other country (except Greece / Cyprus), you must search the courier company yourself. In the event that you have ordered the product from a country using a currency other than the Euro, you undertake to cover the cost of the refund plus the cost in the event of a currency difference, in the case of customs clearance or import duties etc. The above charges and procedures for Elta Courier also applies to returns from third countries (outside the EU). 6.4 Obligations of the Company Without prejudice to what is expressly stated herein, if you withdraw from your purchase in accordance with the terms herein, we will refund all money received from you including any delivery costs (excluding any additional costs due to your choice). use other modes of delivery than the cheaper one we offer), however deducting the return cost if you used Elta Courier to return the products, tero. Refunds will be made immediately, without undue delay and in any event not later than twenty (20) days from the date on which the Company receives the returned products in accordance with the above terms and subject to the provisions of Article 6.5. Your refund, if you purchase the product from which you have withdrawn by cash, is credited to your bank account which you will notify us in the exercise of the right of withdrawal, provided that you accept these terms and conditions expressly and unconditionally. you declare that you consent to a different way of withdrawing your money as a result of your withdrawal. If the payment is made by debit / credit card or Paypal, your money will be refunded to your billing account. inasmuch as by expressly and unconditionally accepting these terms, you hereby declare that you consent to a different manner of refunding your withdrawal. If the payment is made by debit / credit card or Paypal, your money will be refunded to your billing account. inasmuch as by expressly and unconditionally accepting these terms, you hereby declare that you consent to a different manner of refunding your withdrawal. If the payment is made by debit / credit card or Paypal, your money will be refunded to your billing account. You have the right, and not the obligation, to choose to credit your money to your Account held at our online store, instead of refunding the above in the event of a withdrawal. In this case you should apply for the credit explicitly in your respective withdrawal communication. If you do not declare your desire to credit the amount corresponding to the value of the product from the purchase of which you are withdrawing in accordance with the foregoing request, the amount will be refunded in accordance with the terms herein. 6.5 Return of Products due to Withdrawal We are entitled to delay your refund until we receive back the products you purchased in the same good condition in which you received them. In the event of a withdrawal in accordance with the foregoing, it is specified that any products that you have purchased at a discount due to the purchase of the product from which you withdraw, you must return them together with the basic product from the purchase of which you withdraw, otherwise the withdrawal shall be regarded as unenforced by you and therefore no obligation is generated for us. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to reduce the value of the products you return, which (as a result) is the result of the management of such products by you, other than what is necessary to establish the nature and properties of the products. However, it is specified that in order to get your money back in the event of a withdrawal or if you choose to make a credit / change, the product received as a result of your withdrawal must be in perfect condition received without damage and complete. , in its original packaging, and be accompanied by all relevant documents (receipt, return form and / or return receipt, product badges). All products should be returned in good general condition and clean as delivered by the Company. For clarity, the shoe should be tested on a soft carpet or similar, otherwise the Company DOES NOT accept shoes that give any impression that they have not been tested on a mat or a very soft surface. For swimwear, it is specified that for hygiene reasons, you should try them with the sticker on them and return them, otherwise they will be considered unacceptable by our Company and therefore the right of withdrawal as not exercised. Personal hygiene and use items are not refundable for health reasons, as it is not possible to determine how they were tested. Also, the returned product must be accompanied by all the necessary documents you received upon receipt, otherwise the Company will not receive them as long as you agree that the right of withdrawal has not been legally exercised and in accordance with the terms herein. For your convenience, in the event that you wish to use Elta Courier for the return of your products, the Company, together with the return form, encloses a "return proof" form bearing the Elta Courier logo, complete with complete sender information (ours ) and the recipient (Our Company) and states that the return cost charge is that of the recipient. This form is scanned by the courier and accompanies the products you want to return. 1. ERROR EXECUTION ERROR - DEFECTIVE PRODUCT 1. Consumer rights. Procedures for exercising rights. In case of shipping an error or defective product, you have the right, such as within 14 days of receipt of the product, to contact us on the phones of our Company and report the defect in our product or error in the execution of your order and inform us of your desire to replace the product with the correct / non-defective product or to refund your money. Our Company undertakes to cover the total cost of returning and shipping the correct / defective product, provided that the return of the defective / defective product and the shipment of the new are effected through Elta Courier, should the defective / defective product be returned. in case of return of the defective / wrong product from another country. In the event that for any reason and reason you would like a different return / shipment, you will incur the additional cost incurred by you by shipping in relation to the corresponding cost of Elta Courier / UPS. You expressly acknowledge and agree that product replacement is subject to the availability of the correct / defective one at our stores at the time you inform us. If the replacement is not possible, we will refund all the money we received from you, including any delivery costs (excluding the extra costs due to your choice to use other return / delivery methods from the cheaper return / delivery method). that we offer), without prejudice to those expressly set forth below. Refunds will be made immediately, without undue delay and in any event not later than four days from the date on which the Company receives the returned products in accordance with the foregoing and subject to the provisions of Article 6.5. You expressly agree that the replacement of the products whose order was made incorrectly will be made as long as the replacement product is returned to our Company in the same good condition as originally received. Our Company does not replace any products that bear dirt, damage, injuries, other than the defect mentioned or are not accompanied by all the documents (receipt, return form and / or return receipt, product badges) that you received from us. In the event of a defective product return, the Company reserves the right, Refunds are credited to your bank account which you will notify us when exercising the right of withdrawal. In any case, no such refund will be charged. Claims for compensation or pecuniary satisfaction of any kind and legal basis are excluded, as are any claims for damages to health, life and physical integrity. IV. RESPONSIBILITIES - PARTIES 'OBLIGATIONS 1. Exclusive User / Consumer Liability. You are solely and solely responsible for the lawful use of the Website and the Online Store and are obliged to abstain from any unlawful conduct and abusive conduct, as well as from adopting unlawful practices and practices of unfair competition. You are solely responsible for the legality and correctness of the Information, Data and data you provide to Megasexshop, which the Company has no responsibility or obligation to control, unless imposed by us upon termination or by law. 1. Prohibited Uses You are not permitted to use the Megasexshop Website and Online Store to post in any way, publish, transmit any content that is unlawful, threatening, offensive, defamatory, immoral, obscene, obscene, enhances or expresses racial, ethnic or other content. cause harm to third parties in any way. Any action or omission you may forbid (a) infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary right of Megasexshop.gr or third parties, (b) contains viruses or other software that may cause interruption, damage , damage or interfere with the operation of any software or damage the reputation and reputation of its Affiliate Business and / or other users / Members / consumers, or may violate any personal or other data only the users / members / consumers of this Website / Online Store. In addition, it is prohibited: (a) Any access to or attempt to access information and data (including personal data) transmitted through the Website and for which you have no authorization or authority to use, (b) Access to our Online Store for the purpose of creating or producing a product or service that competes with our own products; (d) Any form of Software piracy, hacking and / or theft, copying, analog / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, processing, resale, It is also prohibited in any way obstructing the operation of the Website, as well as any unlawful and unauthorized modification of its content. You must by no means and by any means induce offenses on or through the Website to infringe upon the rights of the Company, other Users and / or third parties. This includes the prohibition on sending spam or other material harmful to our interests, the interests of other Users and / or third parties. Your connection to our Website is made through your own means and through your choice of companies and providers. 1. Limitation of Guarantees - Liability Our Company always acts in good faith and in accordance with the law and these Terms. Consequently, it has taken and continues to take all necessary technical or other measures, and shall make every effort to (a) make the Website and the Online Store operable without interruption, interruptions, delays, errors or errors, (b) the data / information provided and transmitted through this site, on the one hand, is not altered on the other by being backed up, as the security systems of this website the site is subject to restrictions, In addition, our Company does not guarantee (a) the appropriateness, effectiveness, adequacy of Megasexshop.gr Products for the purpose for which you are intended and (b) the proper and proper performance of the trading obligations of its other Users. website and its services. We make reasonable efforts to maintain and make available the content of Megasexshop.gr, however, users agree that Megasexshop.gr is entitled to modify and / or temporarily or permanently discontinue all or part of the Website with and / or and without warning to users, as availability may be affected by users' equipment, other communications networks, the large number of people attempting to use the site at the same time, or for other reasons. Therefore, Megasexshop.gr bears no responsibility for any damage (positive, consequential, negligent, intra-contractual or otherwise) arising from the inability of users to access it, terminate all or parts thereof, delay, non-delivery, Megasexshop.gr is not responsible for the acts or omissions of third parties and in particular unauthorized third parties' interference with products and / or services and / or information made available through it. Except as expressly set forth herein, Megasexshop.gr has no liability whatsoever for civil, criminal, or other claims against you and / or any third party who derives rights from you, in the event that any of the foregoing, in the use of the services and / or the products of this online store suffer direct, indirect, incidental, consequential financial or other loss, loss of earnings due to: (a) errors, omissions, technical failures, malfunctions or malfunctions of the Telecommunications Networks, the Internet, the Website, of I. (b) permanent or temporary disruption of the Website or certain of its services and / or interruption of the supply of certain products through the online store; (c) Megasexshop events, situations, actions, acts and / or omissions. Megasexshop.gr a) reserves the time for delivery of products in cases of force majeure; b) reserves the right at any time to temporarily or permanently discontinue the operation of its entire or part of it for maintenance or upgrading purposes or for any reason, c) no warranty may provide for the availability of products, but it guarantees timely information to consumers about their unavailability. Megasexshop.gr is in no way responsible for your communication with third-party service providers that advertise or advertise on Megasexshop.gr and for any commercial transaction that may arise from your relationship. In addition, it is not responsible for any defective third party products received as a gift. The Website may contain links to other sites. Megasexshop.gr shall in no way be deemed to endorse or accept the content or services of other websites which may be linked through links and expressly disclaims any responsibility for any content, privacy policy, quality of content and third party services. Megasexshop.gr does not control or make any preventive checks on the content and information published and disclosed by third parties and is not responsible for them. Megasexshop.gr is solely responsible for fraud and gross negligence in the event of any damage to information provided by Megasexshop.gr or services provided through the Website. Megasexshop.gr has the right to temporarily or permanently exclude a Member at any time without giving reasons, that is to cancel / delete / block access and / or membership (temporarily and / or permanently) without any claims being made against Megasexshop. gr. It is understood that this member is not allowed to become a member of Megasexshop.gr again with the same or other information unless Megasexshop.gr expressly consents to this. To this end, the member consents that Megasexshop.gr retains his personal information in his system in order to be able to identify any subsequent registration attempt. The foregoing shall apply in particular (but not exclusively) in the event of a breach of the Terms of Use by the Member which as a whole is recognized and agreed by the Member as essential, Megasexshop.gr reserves the right to send you newsletters, or promotional emails to your mail from another site of the same family of businesses as sexyshoes.gr and more. Megasexshop.gr reserves the right at any time, without cause and without charge, to discontinue or discontinue the provision of its services and / or its operation permanently or temporarily without any obligation to notify Members in advance. Megasexshop.gr is solely responsible for direct damages resulting from fraud or gross negligence. Subject to mandatory provisions, Megasexshop.gr expressly excludes liability for direct damage due to slight negligence regardless of legal reason. Megasexshop.gr's liability for indirect or consequential damages is expressly and completely excluded - regardless of reason. Finally, we note that we are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or quality of the information contained in the Assessments. The Company is entitled to delete or not to publish opinions or evaluations, which at its sole discretion are contrary to its terms and purposes. Therefore, we are not responsible for any damages or financial claims, damages and damages caused by non-disclosure of any such information and / or due to incomplete information and data that our Company may not have withdrawn. 1. Compensation You agree to indemnify our Company and any third party derives rights from it (affiliates, employees, administrators, suppliers, agents, agents of both itself and its affiliates) for any loss, loss, expense which may be suffered by (a) your use of these Terms and Conditions of use of the Website and the services provided therein (including purchasing from the Online Store), (b) your non-compliance with these General Terms, (c) breach of applicable law you angry, (d) violation of any rights to the protection of personal data to third parties, (c) violation of the Company's copyright. In any event, you suffer any loss due to gross negligence of our Company (we exclude any liability arising out of slight negligence), the Company will cover any positive User loss that is directly attributable to the loss event and the Company's gross negligence. All liability limitations set forth herein, as a whole, are valid and consistent with good faith and conduct, and Users agree to these exceptions and limitations. V. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS All content on the web pages of this site, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, services and products are the intellectual property of Megasexshop.gr and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions and conditions. Any copying, analog / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, processing, resale, part or all of the content on the Website for any purpose other than strictly personal use, unless expressly granted in writing . The names, images, logos and insignia representing our Company and its products / services, Megasexshop.gr and the products / services and / or third parties provided to us as well as their products or services, are the exclusive marks and marks of both our Company and / or the above third parties and are protected by Greek, Community and international trademark and industrial and intellectual property laws and unfair competition. In any event, their appearance and exposure on the Megasexshop.gr web sites should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of their license or right to use them by you or any third party. By these General Terms we grant you a limited and non-transferable access and personal use of this Website, but no license to download the content and its code in whole or in part, except with our express written permission. This license does not permit any resale or commercial use of this Site or its content, collection and use of our catalogs, products, our commercial policy (discounts - coupons, etc.), data mining, etc. You have the right to use the above only for your own personal use. You may not use linking & Framing of our Site without our written consent. You may not use any "meta tags" or any other "hidden text" under the trademarks or trademarks of our Company and Megasexshop.gr without our express written consent. In the event of unauthorized use, the license granted shall cease to be valid. The same applies to any use of our Company logos and trademarks. VI. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA The management and protection of your personal data is governed by the terms of your Privacy Policy and the relevant provisions of both Greek and Community and international law regarding the protection of the individual from the processing of personal data, as well as Decisions of the Data Protection Authority. For the purpose of informing you of the personal data you provide us, the kind of data that Megasexshop.gr holds about you, the processing that Megasexshop.gr receives and its purposes, its recipients, and your rights over to your data and other relevant information regarding their protection and security, please read our Privacy Policy in order to read and accept these terms. VII. SECURITY 1. Customer Identification Megasexshop.gr recognizes the importance of the security of your Personal Data as well as your online transactions and takes all the necessary steps, with the most advanced and advanced methods, to ensure your maximum security. All information related to your personal information and transactions is secure and confidential. The security of Megasexshop.gr Online Store is achieved by the measures we have taken to ensure the privacy of your transactions at Megasexshop.gr, as described in both the payment section and below. The passwords used to identify you are two: your username and password, which provide you with secure access to your personal information every time you enter them. By registering with Megasexshop.gr you have automatically registered on the second site of the company Sexyshoes.gr, consequently you will also have access to the second site, sexyshoes.gr with the same codes as the two eshops, operate in the same format. of multistore, that is, they share a common database. 1. Trading Secrecy Confidentiality is considered self-evident. The same basic principles that apply to classical transactions apply to e-commerce. All information transmitted by the user / member to Megasexshop.gr is confidential and Megasexshop.gr has taken all necessary steps to use them only to the extent necessary in the context of the services provided. Some of the measures taken are the following: Only authorized employees have access to your transaction information and only when necessary, e.g. to process your applications. Megasexshop.gr does not disclose the details of its customers and their transactions, unless it has written authorization from you or is required by a court order or decision of another public authority. If Megasexshop.gr uses third parties to support its systems, it ensures the confidentiality. For your own safety, you should also treat all information provided through the service as confidential and confidential and not disclose it to third parties. 1. FINAL PROVISIONS 1. Final Terms These General Terms and Conditions are the final and only terms and conditions in force with respect to the provision of the Service by the User to the User and remove any pre-existing terms, prior agreements and arrangements, written or oral between the Company and the User regarding its use. Service. 1. Resignation No delay, negligence or tolerance of the Company in enforcing a User's compliance with any of these terms shall constitute a waiver or prejudice to its right. If any of the terms herein is to be deemed by any competent Court to be invalid and consequently unenforceable, that term shall not invalidate the remaining terms of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect. 1. Invalidity of terms If any part of the present is declared or declared invalid by a court order, such invalidity will not affect the validity of the remainder of the present, which shall remain effective as if these General Terms had been executed with their void deleted. The Company will seek to replace any void terms with a new valid one, the result of which will be the closest equivalent to that canceled. 1. Applicable Law - Jurisdiction Any dispute between the parties regarding the application, interpretation, invalidity of the terms of the contract, the existence or non-existence of the rights and obligations of the contracting parties and / or delinquency shall be construed in accordance with Greek law and shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of law. city ​​of Athens, the jurisdiction of which the parties are voluntarily submitting from today. As consumers, you can use ADR bodies, which meet specific quality criteria, for any type of dispute they have with suppliers of goods or services, regardless of what they bought (excluding health and higher education services) and how they purchased it (online or offline). , domestic or cross-border). According to the Directive 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated in Greece by JMD 70330/2015, the possibility of electronic settlement of consumer disputes through the Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure is now provided throughout the European Union. If the customer has the status of a consumer (ie a natural person acting out of business) and has any problem with a purchase made by Megasexshop.gr he can initiate the ADR process through the single EU-wide dispute resolution platform. (ODR platform) available at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage. 1. Complaint Management Policy - Customer Support After Sale You can also contact Megasexshop.gr's Customer Service Department at 2103006969, or by sending an email with your full name and order code. MODEL OF DECLARATION OF DECLARATION FROM THE DISTANCE CONTRACT (Article 4 of Law 2251/1994) TO: the company under the name "Hippie Monkeys Internet Services EU" and the distinctive title "Hippie Monkeys", based in Smyrnis 74, Greece (AFM: 800505784 / DOY AIGALEO), Tel. 2103006969, Mail. [email protected] hereby declare and hereby declare that I am withdrawing from the contract of sale the following goods ordered on ……………………… / and received on …………… ..... …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …………. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …………. I also responsibly declare that: I reserve the right to unreasonably withdraw and return the Products within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt. That the products and are in their original state and have not been used, or suffered any damage or damage. Date:… ../ …… / 20 ..… I would like the refund as set out in the Terms of Use. I would like to credit the amount to my Personal Account at Megasexshop.gr The Delon (s) and Retreat * Name ……………. Address……… -------------------------------- (Signature) * only be signed if this document is communicated on paper. CONTACT INFO Iera Odos 38, 10435 Athens 210 3006969 6906696969 [email protected] MY PURCHASES Size Charts Return Policy Payment Methods Shipping Methods NEWSLETTER