Anal wedges 10-12,5-15 cm Nanma Liquorice black

Set of 3 pieces in anal wedges 10-12.5-15 cm (4 "5" & amp; 6 ") - black The triple set of wedges is specially designed for you, starting from 10 cm. -4 "and ending at 15 cm, 6", You can spend time starting from the bottom or go straight to the deep, ie at 15 cm The 10 cm - 4 "has a suction cup for support on any smooth surface, and the 12.5 cm -5 "and 15 cm-6" can be attached to certain waistbands -Strap on straps. Combine these wedges with the use water based lubricants or anal lubricants ,and clean them with the special sex toys cleaners.

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More Information
Weight (Kilograms)0.48