For guys who want extra girth, the Fat Boy Thin is the perfect penis extender. It has a realistic feel and adds girth without making your penis too large. This gadget is a go-to piece for men who feel that size matters, and it's easily hooked onto the scrotum where it promises even more pleasure when it pulls. In black, the Fat Boy Thin doubles up as a handy stroker for a playful solo session. The nubs and ribs give the shaft a sensory experience to remember and the cushioned feeling adds comfort. This piece isn't too hard and is made from a blend of silicone and TPR, called SilaSkin. This combination gives it a stretchy feel that makes it a favourite. It measures 6.5 inches for a snug fit, and makes for a perfectly sized extender that your partner will appreciate.
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ManufacturerPerfect Fit
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