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Stimulation Pills for Women Juicy Queen (90 caps)

Enhance your sexual experience with Juicy Queen Stimulation Pills for Women! These pills are specially formulated to increase sensitivity and arousal, resulting in more intense and satisfying orgasms. With 90 capsules in each bottle, you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy your sexuality. Try Juicy Queen pills today and discover a new level of pleasure!
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Desire Labs™ - Juicy Queen™ - 90 caps. Juicy Queen™ is a dietary supplement containing a wealth of natural ingredients supporting your return to internal balance.


Shatavari is one of the strongest rejuvenating herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. This plant comes from India and belongs to the same family as our Polish asparagus. The active ingredients of shatavari help regulate the entire hormonal balance of women, including estrogen. Sometimes its name translates as "the one that has 100 husbands" because over the centuries it has gained a reputation as a plant that improves fertility and the health of female reproductive organs, as well as increasing female libido!

Chinese angelica / Dong Quai also known in the East as "female ginseng", Dong Quai is often called the "empress of herbs". It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat a wide range of female ailments. This powerful herb for women has the ability to regulate estrogen levels – whether it's too high or too low – strengthens the uterus, improves its tone, and normalizes the menstrual cycle.

Red clover is a flowering plant that belongs (like lentils and beans) to the legume family. For thousands of years, it has been known as an important component of natural medicine in China and Russia, and even among Native Americans. Red clover is rich in phytoestrogen, a naturally occurring plant estrogen used to relieve menopausal symptoms, in particular hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness.

Wild rose for years valued by native herbalists rosehips are known for their record high content of vitamin C, which improves the immunity of the whole body, slows down aging and reduces the feeling of fatigue. Wild rose also supports urinary tract health, reducing the risk of infections caused by vaginal dryness.
Cranberries have been known for hundreds of years for their health-promoting properties both in Europe and among the indigenous communities of North America. These antioxidant-rich fruits effectively contribute to the health of the lower urinary tract and increase immunity through the high content of vitamin C. It is worth mentioning that cranberries also reduce bacterial biofilms in epithelial cells. This means that the beneficial microflora has a chance to rebuild also inside the vagina, restoring the comfort of the intimate sphere.

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our skin, retaining water in it and helping to maintain adequate firmness. Thanks to this, it also accelerates the treatment of inflammation and wound healing. Used in vaginal revitalization, it stimulates tissues, restoring proper hydration of the mucosa and smoothing of intimate areas.

Freeze-dried pineapple juice is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. It is also valued as a natural source of bromelain, an enzyme used for centuries to treat many ailments, including heart disease and inflammation, which can contribute to sexual dysfunction. In the Western world, pineapple has also gained fame as a fruit that, with regular consumption, bestows intimate juices with a specific sweet taste and smell. Another reason to feel comfortable with your own sexuality!

Probiotic bacteria - the delicate bacterial flora of intimate places is particularly vulnerable to damage. The reason may be the use of inappropriate care products, a recent change of partner, or even a stressful lifestyle. Regular supplementation with an appropriate probiotic helps to maintain a balanced bacterial environment, which will help rebuild the immunity and comfort of intimate places. Cultures of bacillus coagulans bacteria are found naturally in fermented foods, making them ideal for probiotic supplementation. These bacteria are characterized by high resistance to digestive juices, which translates into unprecedented effectiveness in revitalizing the bacterial flora of the whole body, supporting immunity and well-being.

Recommended dosage: 3 capsules a day
To use: Swallow the capsule and drink plenty of water after a meal.
Ingredients: Shatavari extract (Asparagus recemosus) 10:1, Chinese angelica extract (Angelica sinensis) 10:1, rosehip extract (Rosa canina) standardized for 70% vitamin C, pineapple juice powder (Pineapple comsus), red clover extract (Trifolium pratense) 10:1, cranberry extract (Vaccinium macrocarpon) standardized for min. 50% proanthocyanidins, probiotic bacteria Bacillus coagulans (LactoSpore®), hyaluronic acid. Capsule composition: vegetable cellulose
It does not contain crustaceans, eggs, fish, nuts, soybeans, dairy components, celery, mustard, sesame.
Produced without the use of artificial preservatives, fragrances or coloring agents.
The product is free of heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead or mercury.

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