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Kinx Rubber Shine Latex Wear Spray 400ml

Get that glossy shine and new-look feel for your latex clothing with Kinx Rubber Shine Latex Wear Spray. Specifically formulated to provide that brilliant luster to your favorite fetish outfits, this 400ml spray is perfect for those seeking a quick and easy solution to maintain your latex wear. You can use it on all colors of latex clothing to give them a brand-new glossy appearance. The spray comes from the brand KINX, trusted name for all your fetish and BDSM essentials. Get your hands on Kinx Rubber Shine Latex Wear Spray today and make your latex outfits shine like never before!
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Rubba Shine transforms your rubber and latex wear from dull to dazzling in minutes and contains high quality silicone that shines and conditions. This conditioning spray keeps your high-shine items in tiptop condition and is an essential for those of you that love kinky clothing.

Simply spray Rubba Shine evenly over your latex or rubber items and then buff them to a beautiful shine. This latex and rubber shiner is safe and easy to use and leaves your latex and rubber clothing looking glam and glossy.

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Volume (Mililitres)400
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