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Megasol USA EROS Relax Anal Spray 30ml

The Megasol USA EROS Relax Anal Spray is a top-quality anal sex enhancer. Made by EROS, this 30ml spray is designed to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment during your anal adventures. This spray is specially formulated to provide a relaxing and soothing effect on your anal muscles, making penetration much easier and more pleasurable. With its high-quality and safe ingredients, the EROS Relax Anal Spray is perfect for couples who are looking to explore the world of anal pleasure. Buy now and experience the ultimate in anal satisfaction!
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Eros Female Anal relaxant spray for painless anal sex. Enjoy anal sex eliminating first all your fears. This spray will nuturing the skin around your anous. It surely relaxes the rectum rapidly. Thanks to its cooling effect, it acts like an anaesthetic, thereby promoting problem-free penetration and leading to relaxed and passionate anal intercourse.

  • Ideal- For all the ladies who wish to enjoy anal sex wthout the fear of pain.
  • Application- Spray (3 -4 times) the entry and allow 10 minutes time to be apsorbed. It is a good idea, if you could, in those 10 minutes, warm up the area with a small size butt plug. Apply a good water based lubricant ( with anal sex toys) or a good silicone based lubricant if direct human to human sex.
  • Containt- 30 ml vaporizer.

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Volume (Mililitres)30
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