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JoyDivision Soft Tampons Original για Ελαφριά Ροή 50τμχ

Experience the ultimate comfort and discretion with JoyDivision Soft Tampons Original. Designed for light flow, this pack of 50 tampons is perfect for those looking for a non-invasive and hygienic solution. Made with high-quality materials, these tampons are soft, gentle and easy to use. The discreet packaging ensures that you can carry them around without anyone noticing. JoyDivision is a trusted brand in the sex industry, known for its top-notch quality products. Get your hands on JoyDivision Soft Tampons Original and enjoy uninterrupted comfort all day long.
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Soft-Tampons are special tampons made of sponge. These tampons absorb well, have no string and are very comfortable to wear. They are also very hygienic in use and the material contains no harmful substances to protect the PH balance of the vagina. Because the Soft-Tampons have no string and adapt perfectly to your body, you can wear them during sex. Your partner will not notice this. The sponge has an opening that you can hook your finger behind. In this way, the tampons can easily be removed with one finger.

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More Information
Length (Centimetres)22.7
Width (Centimetres)7.3
Weight (Kilograms)0.32


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