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Stimulating Formula For Men Cum Plus - 30 caps

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Sperm enhancer based on Zinc and Selenium.


- Contributes to a healthy/ normal spermatogenesis
- Contributes to an optimal sperm production
- Helps with the improved fertility
- Supports healthy testosterone levels

Cum Plus contributes to a healthy sperm mobility and quality, while it stimulates the sperm production. The capsules support the testosterone level in a natural way and have a positive effect on the fertility,
sexual organs and physical well-being. Regular consumption of these capsules contributes to a healthy sperm quality and stimulates the sperm production.

Recommended use:

- Take 3 capsules once a day with sufficient water.
- Do not take more than 3 capsules within 24 hours.

Ingredients per 3 capsules:

bulking agent: E460, 450 mg Oat (Avena sativa), capsule E441, 150 mg Maca (Lepidium meyenii, 75 mg Magnesium (magnesium oxide 60%) (20% RDA*) 90 mg Vitamin C
(L­-ascorbic acid) (113% RDA*), 75 mg Green tea extract, 75 mg Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis), anticaking agent: E570, 22,5 IU TE** Vitamin E (DL­-?­-tocopheryl acetate 50%) (188% RDA*),
anticaking agent: E551, 15 mg L­-Carnitine (L­- Carnitrine Tatrate 68%), anticaking agent: E572, 9 mg Zinc (zinc oxide 80%) (90% RDA*), 52,5 µg Selenium (L­- selenomethionine 0,5%) (95% RDA*),
4,5 mg Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine­-HCl) (321% RDA*), 300 µg Folic acid (150% RDA*), 4.5 µg Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) (180% RDA*).
*RDA = recommended daily amount, **TE = tocopherol equivalent.

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More Information
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