A true ascent to Mount Olympus has to be two things: Tiring and exciting. Let's keep it exciting and let's see what this particular sexual position is all about, which will probably intrigue many to try. To begin with, at least for the man, this sexual position will be a challenge of endurance since it cannot be accomplished by everybody. It takes strength, stamina, and flexibility, while he has to crave his girl a little more than usual to want to climb the mountain of gods with her.

Let's see how you can accomplish your ascent: He first raises the girl with his hands. She wraps her legs around his waist and her hands are either tied to his neck or free to touch him anywhere he wishes. He controls the movement of her body by holding her by the buttocks and can at the same time while penetrating her, to walk or raise and lower his leg onto a piece of furniture. His general movement in space makes the penetration more interesting and makes him ejaculate later than usual while she is more stimulated.

The purpose of this climb is for the couple to reach climax simultaneously, and this is often achieved for two reasons: The first is that she, with time and with these moves is ready to complete while he has withheld his orgasm too much so that his climax will now reach levels of explosion, and when they are both ready, their bodies will communicate with each other.