Call it fantasy? Ingenuity? Lack of real sexual aids? No matter what you call it, you should not do it. It is dangerous. And because some erotic aids that people use as vibrators, reached our ears, let's make things clear:

Fruits and vegetables

When eaten might be delicious and nutritious, but they should not enter the vagina or the anus. Keep in mind that it's possible to break and stuck inside your body, so better eaten and not used as a vibrator substitute.

Vibrating objects such as cell phones or electric toothbrushes

The fact that an object vibrates does not mean that it can replace the vibrator. The toothbrush is intended to wash your teeth and cell phone along with its radiation to communicate with people. When it comes to the vagina and the rectum, the only vibrating object that can be used is the vibrator and its variants.


In Greece, Julia Alexandratou's porn movie in which she masturbates by putting a bottle of champagne in her vagina may be well-known in the world, but the fact of the matter is that this is very dangerous. Let's keep bottles for the tables and not use them on beds.

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